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Suzumenomiya Industries Co., Ltd. 1-2-4 Godai, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture 321-0135. Tel. +81-28-654-0843
Company Philosophy
Management policies
  The Suzumenomiya industry Co., Ltd. assumes "the principle of customer first" as the basis of action and contributes to the society by supplying a better products.
  We established a company policy in order to develop continuously together with a local area and we established the quality policy as well as the yearly quality objectives and work every year to achieve those objectives.
  In action, we obey laws and regulations, observe social norms and their spirit and execute the activities.

Management philosophy
Being "customers come first" policy. Having a sense of impending crisis. Having passion.
Having humility. Being team play. Accelerating activity speed.
Being smart.

Action to CSR
  Aiming at the prosperous coexistence with the local area, we carry out office tour of the plan to be able to let children have the interest to "MONOZUKURI" (manufacturing).
  We accepted three students for one week by "Utsunomiya-city junior high school student's on-site social training" in 2011, 2016 and let them have experience of monozukuri by trying to make simple programing and to manufacture parts by machine.
  We are enforcing the activities in order to fix in the country the technique of "monozukuri" which Japan is proud of and to succeed it to the future.

Corporate governance
  In order to realize continuous development, for management plan, quality plan and decision making by the top management, we carry out domestic inspection by two advisors having a qualifications, experiences and knowledge such as a Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant, ISO lead auditor, experience of the corporate management top and professional engineering skill, and aim at the establishment of the competitive company culture and build the corporate governance.

  In addition, by BCP (business continuity plan), we intend to minimize the damage of business assets in a natural disaster, an great fire or another accidents and aim at continuation of the business or the early restoration. Devising methods and means for business continuation in the emergency or normal condition will be settled by means of the crisis control and let us minimize damage at the time of the outbreak by adapting them actively and maintaining them continuously.