Suzume United, The quality assurance by JISQ9100, ISO9001 concern for the environment
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Suzumenomiya Industries Co., Ltd. 1-2-4 Godai, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture 321-0135. Tel. +81-28-654-0843
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Quality Policy
  The Suzumenomiya industry Co., Ltd. always try to provide better products and contribute to the society based on "the principles of customer first" in the manufacturing the machining parts for such as aircraft and the welding processing parts for such as temperature control valves. We are always trying to make continuous improvement for the growth of our company.
1.From the stage of the inquiry, we grasp the requirements of the customer correctly, review it and produce products conforming to requirements.
2.We establish a quality management system (QMS) and carry out continuous improvement of the effectiveness.
3.We improve and promote the standardization of the work and carry out the education of the manufacturing method suitable to each product and try to maintain and improve the level of quality assurance.
4.We establish quality objectives, work on a quality assurance for each process from an order to delivery of products and review the result of operation.
5.We perform internal audit regularly and review the result at the management review. Thereafter, we establish higher objectives in order to obtain step-up.

A registration range :
JISQ9100 (Aerospace Quality Management System) Manufacturing of the aircraft part.
ISO9001 (Quality Management System) Manufacturing of the public industrial use metal part.

  Certification organization : BSK (Defense Structure Improvement Foundation)
Environmental policy
Basic idea
"The company which is kind to the global environment and contributes to the community"
Suzumenomiya industry Co., Ltd. has suggestion the above criteria on carrying out company's activity, and promotes reduction of the environmental load.

Basic policy
The Suzumenomiya industry Co., Ltd. established "an Environmental management system" and we work on environmental conservation activity with all employee's participation and considering the symbiosis with the community, perform continuous improvement.

1.We reduce the amount of use of such as water, electricity and the fuel and try for CO2 reduction.
2.For waste reduction, we perform classification, reduction and recycling of the waste.
3.We promote the application of the environment-minded purchasing part.
4.We observe laws and ordinances related to the environment.

Registration scope : Eco-Action21 All companies
Registration agency : Ministry of the Environment
Certification and approval
2007 » Administration Innovation plan based on New Business Activity promotion Law (1st time).
2009 » JISQ9100 (Quality Management System - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense

» ISO9001 (Quality Management System - Requirements).
2010 » Eco-Action21 (Environmental Management System-Domestic Regulation).
2011 » Business Advancement Plan.

» Tochigi-pref. Frontier Company.
2012 » Plan for Establishing New Business Facilities.

» Administration Innovation Plan based on New Business Activity Acceleration Law (2nd time).
2014 » Obtained "Tochigi-pref. Frontier Company" certification (2nd time).

» Obtained "Joyo Bank Excellent Business Award".
2016 » Obtained "Ashikaga Bank Excellent Business Award".